Mesotherapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. You can begin anti-aging subdermal vitamin injections to rejuvenate the cells, make them more active and prevent wrinkles from forming. Treatments for the face, neck, arms and hands are recommended several times each year.

BODY SCULPTING - weight loss

Our customized formula prevents cells from storing fat and helps break down existing fat cells. Spot reduction targets double chins, love handles and any other areas displaying fat pockets.


Mesotherapy treats three factors involved in cellulite formation. A specialist creates a unique formula to reduce fat in your cellulite, improve impaired circulation and break down damaged connective tissue - thereby smoothing the skin's surface. Mesotherapy can treat cellulite anywhere on the body.


Scarring can occur for many reasons, from accidents, fighting and disease, to skin conditions . All those will come to an end, by using our safe and effective treatment for acne scars - Abpeel technology and mesotherapy cocktails.